Java Journey Meets Self-Care

It’s Amazing How The World Begins to change through the eyes of a cup

Donna A. Favors

Happy International Coffee Day (October, 1)! Anyone who knows me knows that I love a great cup of coffee. I love coffee so much my classroom had a Starbucks theme. I had couches, chairs, small groups named after coffees, and Jazz playing to top it off. My colleague and I brewed a pot every morning. We even bought two matching stools, matching mugs, and we’d sit in front of our doors to greet the children in the morning. We turned coffee drinking into an experience!

I remember as a kid spending my summers in Puerto Rico. The sound of roosters singing and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee taking over the house was heaven on earth. No fancy machines, no electric grinder, just a designated pot, and a colador (colander) made of cloth. And let’s not forget fresh milk. The downside of this magical experience was that they wouldn’t give me a single cup. Something about coffee stunting my growth.

I have more than made up for all the cups that were denied. I have transformed my love of coffee into a self-care ritual. Self-care starts to become a way of life when we make the intentional decision to do something kind and loving for ourselves on a daily basis.

A Slice of Joy

In the midst of a pandemic, I’m able to create a slice of joy with every cup.  If you are a tea lover (and I enjoy tea), this can easily become a tea ritual.  

  • Select special day and time: Saturday morning for me
  • Make it special: I have a special cup and saucer, French Press, tray, cloth napkins, grinder, creamer holder, and coffee from a special place from around the world. This usually includes a trip to the farmers market. 
  • Take a special trip: I usually read about the place I’ve selected my coffee beans from. But, COVID has inspired virtual travel. So, I’ll find a short video on YouTube and a journey with my java. 


A Shot of Espresso

Let’s take it up a notch and add a little shot of espresso to this article. Here are a few things to consider for your java journey.

  • The 42 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers, according to The Strategist.
  • The Best Coffee Lover Magazine Subscriptions, according to Coffee CO. Love.
  • The Best Nine Coffee Subscription Services, according to Vogue.

I never knew a simple cup of coffee would support my self-care journey. It has taught me that creating experiences from the simplicities of life leads to a more fulfilled life. Giving you a peek into my java journey/ritual is my attempt to inspire you to create your own rituals. 

Wellness Warrior!

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