How Micro Practices Warrant Big Results

 “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

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The bottom line is that we’re just tired. We use the weekend to try and make up for lost sleep. The notion of sleeping in late doesn’t seem to really work. If you’re like me that internal clock doesn’t know the difference between Monday and Saturday morning. How about this…

Have you ever been really thirsty? A cold glass of water seems to just hit the spot. The same is true of our emotional and mental wellbeing. We go too long without caring for our needs and reach the point of burnout. Mental and emotional dehydration.  This is where mindfulness micro-practices come in handy. They’re like a glass of water for our mental wellbeing.

For the sake of establishing a common language, macro-practices are essentials like getting adequate sleep (7-8 hours per night), daily exercise, and proper nutrition to fuel the body. This macro-practices help prevent burnout and support stress management. Micro-practices serve as an anchor and are practices that are shorter in time, like a power nap, logging into a wellness app, or breathing practice. Micro-practices support and enhance macro- practices. I’m all about being proactive. Micro-practices are proactive strategies that can send burnout packing!

Three benefits of micro-practices:

  • Do not require a lot of time
  • Can be incorporated at work
  • Are customizable to fit your lifestyle and interests

My Selfcare society has made the move to show us all how doable it is to incorporate micro-practices into our day with just a few minutes per day. Here are a few to get you started. Remember everyone is different. The idea is to get thinking about the things that will serve you well. 

10 Micro-practices to try

  • 2 Minutes: Make bed first thing when I wake up
  • 1 Minute: Charge my phone away from the reach of my bed before going to sleep (to avoid mindless scrolling and get me moving first thing tomorrow)
  • 5 Minutes: Journal (Brain Dump) – release any racing thoughts and get them on paper first thing in the morning, freeing my mind for a new day
  • 3 Minutes: Write down 3 things that I’m presently grateful for
  • 3 Minutes: Practice focused meditation or breathwork
  • 3 Minutes: Dance in front of the mirror for the length of one song
  • 1 Minute: Make intentional plans to connect with a friend or family member that day (just to check in; email, text, call, etc.)
  • 5 Minutes: Tidy a specific area to create space and clear clutter. Donate items that no longer serve me
  • 2 Minutes: Set up or adjust tomorrow’s checklist to start off my morning intentionally

A common theme that impacts the practice of self-care is TIME. Teachers are always in need of more time. The lack of it is a roadblock both at home and at work.  Chunking our wellness into manageable practices is the secret sauce. It is my hope that these practical short practices can begin to chip away at this obstacle.

As with all things in life, intentionality is the driving force behind change along with a made-up mind. Be intentional and resolve to make time to recharge throughout the day. The next time you pick up your phone ask yourself,” Have I recharged myself today?”

Wellness Warrior!

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