A Reading Oasis

 “She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”

~Annie Dillard 

My relationship with books has not always been positive. When I was coming up reading aloud was “best practice.” The anxiety paralyzed me as I waited my turn, with dry mouth and sweaty palms. The struggle was real! Mrs. Fred changed my life and fostered a love of books in me.

However, I’ve noticed that in the last several years my reading has been geared towards personal & spiritual growth or professional reading. Not many novels that whisk me away to foreign lands and drop me in the middle of a love triangle or mysterious crime. As the holiday season approaches, I think creating a reading nook/oasis may be in order. Along with some new titles to escape with.

Reading oasis made easy

Creating a reading oasis does not require a lot of space or money. The simpler the better. The intentionality around creating a space to care for yourself by way of a great read is the reward.

  • Find a quiet corner
  • Comfy chair 
  • Lighting
  • Small table (optional)
  • Throw blanket (warm reading socks…I love them)
  • No technology (phone

For more inspiration on how to create a special space in your home check out, Family Handyman. The time we are spending in our homes is certainly unprecedented and a special place to read and relax maybe a welcomed change. Now that we have a special space to meet with our books it is time to invite the guests of honor, BOOKS! 

Jumpstart or refresh your library

Our minds are always racing, thinking, making decisions. Choose a book or books that simply entertain. That transport you, make you laugh, or usher you and reminisce on your own special memories and characters in your life. Here are a few reading lists to help you jump start or refresh your library. Making this a family affair and modeling reading is a plus. So, the last recommendation is for the kiddos. But, remember this is about your time. 

Welcome To Story Hour: 100 Favorite Books For Young Readers

An oasis is a fertile area in the midst of a dry desert that provides water and food. This pandemic often feels like a dry barren place for our country and our lives. Your reading oasis is a place that will water you and feed you in the middle of a pandemic. Happy Reading!

Wellness Warrior,


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