Level Up Your Socializing Game!

Never stop socializing. Because it’s your healthy habit. Why simply quit on it just because you traveled with some untrustworthy people? ~Nandeesh Y D

Prior to 2020 the words social distancing were not a part of my daily language. I am happy to see that vaccines are available and are getting in arms. But, if you’re like me, socializing from a distance is still in full effect. Now, the downside is I’m running out of creative ideas to connect with those I love. So, I thought I’d do a little research and compile a list to help spruce up your socialization game. Some may be common but I’m hopeful you’ll find a few new ideas. Even better if you’re motivated to start creating your own list.

51 Creative ways to level up your socialization

Get Outside

  • Yard work
  • Community cleanup projects
  • Social media workout challenges 
  • Try a drive-in movie
  • Park picnic
  • Cook dinner virtually
  • Biking
  • Support a local business while socializing

Virtual Activities

  • Concert
  • yoga or exercise classes
  • meditation sessions
  • coffee date
  • Cook dinner
  • movie night (Netflix party)
  • wine tasting
  • Zoom talent show
  • book reading
  • Social media workout challenges 
  • Take a free online class
  • YouTube travel

Join a Group

  • Instagram Live Dance Parties (Ryan Heffington)
  • Book Club
  • Support Group
  • Facebook Group
  • Start an article, podcast, or documentary club

Let’s Get Creative

  • Start a weekly friend group newsletter
  • Start a photo challenge using iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive to share
  • Crafting
  • Number Painting
  • Create an at home restaurant
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Learn a new language
  • Penpal
  • Host great bake off
  • Collaborative writing (start with a prompt and friends add on)
  • Create a video blog of your experience

Play Games

  • Computer Games
  • Puzzles
  • Play Uno (Uno Freak)
  • Schedule a playdate

Encourage Yourself and others

  • Write letters/send just because cards
  • Make Video or FaceTime Calls
  • Telemedicine or counseling
  • Self-Care Sunday with a friend
  • Send encouraging voice memos
  • Quarantine chat (talk on the phone with someone else stuck at home)
  • Schedule down time
  • Declutter and donate
  • Sleep, Sleep, and Sleep

Remain encouraged. I know nothing can compare to being face to face with friends and loved ones. But in the meantime let’s continue to find ways of connecting, socializing, and loving on one another.

Dare 2 Be Well!


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