Clutter Hinders Clarity

Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor-it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.

~Peter Walsh

Let me preface by saying, I know that the people on the show Hoarders are dealing with a lot of pain and suffering. For them it has manifested in the form of attaching to things. I can’t really watch a full episode I’ve tried but it gives me straight anxiety. Our quote this week reminds us that clutter is not just the stuff we leave on the floor but the things keeping us from living the life we desire.  

Spring is symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts. Many of us create spring cleaning lists, something about purging. This spring let’s strive for clarity internally and externally. What’s standing between you and the life you want?

A few health benefits of clutter free living

Any level of organizing or de-cluttering brings an almost instant,“feel good” experience. Research from the University of California reveals that clutter produces high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and in turn causes anxiety and depression. So, whether it’s putting new purchases away or storing sentimental items, it’s best to do it right away. My mom often teases me because I have a space for everything. 

The most important room to tackle is the bedroom. Excess clutter can lead to a cluttered mind which translates into nightmares. Clutter in the bedroom disrupts sleep. We all know that things gather dust. The more things you have the more dust accumulates. For allergy suffers this can be torture. Clutter increases allergens. So purging and minimizing decreases allergens.

A good old fashion purge and de-cluttering project gets us moving. We begin to use untapped muscles and get great cardio when we hit the big places like the garage, attic, and basement. Movement is always a great benefit and don’t forget to have your smartwatch on to record the activity.

Clutter free at the office

Having a workspace that is functional and free of clutter is critical for creativity. This is especially important if you are still working from home. The lines at home can get blurry, which often leads to extra junk piling up. Here are a few proven strategies to get that office in order.

  • Take a true inventory of what you actually use 
  • Mark your calendar add frequent cleaning sessions
  • Go as paperless as possible, go digital
  • Invest in practical organizational supplies
  • Put it away once used
  • Organize favorites toolbar folders for smooth access
  • Desktop should be purged and items should be organized and backed up often
  • Organize your cables; use a label maker to label your cables
  • Put paper documents in storage; shred what can go
  • Spruce up at the end of each day 

Now that we’ve tackled the office and are ready for creativity and productivity to flow…time to take it to the house. Our home is our sanctuary and place of peace. The downside of working remotely is that work is now a part of the sanctuary.  We must be super vigilant about separating the two worlds. The one constant between the two is organization and positive flow.

Clutter free at the house

  • Commit to protecting your home from clutter at all cost
  • Give earn organizing protect a due date
  • Keep only what brings pure joy (sentimental items)
  • Don’t linger de-clutter quick, the more you linger the more you keep
  • Eliminate all doubles (2-3 same type of dress)
  • Play the 12x12x12 challenge game, in each room keep, trash, & donate 12 things (play 2-3 rounds)
  • Imagine you have a smaller house/apartment (with less storage)
  • Repurpose magazines (i.e. vision boards), recycle the rest
  • Donate books to your local library 
  • Donate all sheets, towels, and blankets to your local animal shelter

I know this can seem daunting and motivation to de-clutter can be challenging. Make it fun. Create a playlist that will get you pumped, have lunch delivered, and as a reward for your hard work plan for a nice hot bubble bath.

Dare 2 Be Well!


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