Coloring Is Not Just for Kids Anymore

 “Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” ~Oscar Wilde

~Oscar Wilde

Does the pursuit of success, achieving goals, and attaining means disconnecting from simple pleasures? I find it so ironic how as kids we can’t wait to be an adult and once here many of us crave being a kid again. Or at least indulging in the things that made childhood fun. So, pleasantly

 surprised that a blog I wrote a few weeks back, about riding a bike was very popular.

I’m convinced part of it is that in a subtle way it gave us permission to reconnect with the childhood activities we enjoyed as children. I want to take advantage of the openness in the atmosphere to nurture the inner child. Often as a therapist when working with adults it requires tapping into childhood trauma. I commend anyone that seeks therapy in an effort to meet this head-on. But, I want to pivot and tap into the joys of childhood in an effort to nurture the adult self. Let’s bring in some color and coloring outside the lines is cool. 

Starts with the brain 

The brain is so beautiful and complex. I must admit I’m a little obsessed in spite of being intimidated by the names. The brain is widely studied and yet mysterious all at the same time. When we engage in coloring it actually relaxes the fear center of the brain (the amygdala). The brain begins to relax and move into a state of calm. This in turn reduces stress and anxiety. Being kind to your brain is a thing. This is why art in school and art therapy is so important in treating trauma. Thought I’d throw that in for my teachers. Coloring also engages both hemispheres of the brain (left and right). So, in addition to being fun, we improve logical and creative skills. 

Advantages of coloring

If you are a new reader to my blogs (welcome) or repeat offender (thanks), I’m all about building your self-care toolbox to support overall wellbeing. Adult coloring books have recently become a nationwide phenomenon. Although it’s been around for a longtime if relegated to simple child’s play we can easily overlook this powerful wellness tool. 


Improves mental focus

  • Mimics a meditative state
  • Negative thoughts replaced
  • Prevents multitasking (brain wasn’t designed for this)
  • Promotes mindfulness


  • Improve motor skills and vision
  • Remove stress and anxiety
  • Requires the whole brain
  • Useful therapy for common diseases (i.e. epilepsy, dementia)
  • Improve sleep


  • Brings back happy childhood memories
  • Adult “Time Out”
  • Creates quiet inside and out
  • Sparkes creativity
  • Increases self-awareness

Setting up shop

Speaking of childhood memories I loved cracking open a new box of crayons. When I first got my hands on a Crayola pack of 64 with the sharpener, I thought I died and went to heaven. Now as an adult crayons are not my jam. I have a self-care box that houses my coloring books, color pencils, and thin tipped markers word searches, etc. If you are considering bringing coloring back into your life or your supplies need to be refreshed here are a few suggestions from the folks at, Develop Good Habits

Let’s begin the journey of bringing back childhood throwbacks like coloring. Bringing color and light into our daily walk and pathway to abundant living. Happy coloring!

Journey Well,


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