Our Story

My Journey

When I launched my teaching career, I was full of energy, optimism, and an unwavering commitment to serving students, their families, and the school community at large. 

No one prepared me for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual impact my career would have on my overall wellbeing. I became convinced that in order to continue I had to make myself a priority.

I am determined to share my journey, the mistakes, the wisdom and the strategies gained along the way. I want to help teachers enrich their quality of life. 

My Background

My career has proven to be full of surprises: I have a teaching degree, a professional counseling degree, and a license to teach Pre-K thru 8th grade, and certifications in human resource management. When I got out of school, my goal was to teach and change the world one student at a time. 

It did not take long for me to realize that leaving everything on the “teaching” court daily would come with a heavy price. As I grew in my career, I realized that teacher “burn-out” was real and impacted many of my colleagues. However, a culture of wellness and self-care was absent from the buildings I served in. 

A medical diagnosis was the catalyst for me taking a hard look at my life, lack of balance, and serious absence of healthy boundaries. I started reading, researching, speaking out, and applying self-care strategies. The results have been life changing!

Now, I want to help other teachers figure out how to prioritize their well-being and develop self-care plans while serving in the most important profession, TEACHING! 

Join the Project

My Bio

Leticia Jones helps teachers with the strategies and tools needed to prioritize their wellness and develop self-care as a way of life.

In 2012-2013 was awarded Teacher of the Year, Leticia’s approach of educating the whole child was highlighted as she was honored and described as an, “irreplaceable,” by leaders and peers. This afforded her the opportunity to impact more students and the teaching profession. As she was named the first teacher in residence to tackle the issue of teacher compensation. Her skills as an educator, counselor, and relationship builder were leveraged to lean into the work.

As the teacher compensation work ended her expertise was sought after when the district wanted to launch a robust and comprehensive student teacher internship program. Leticia tackled this project and took a concept, breathed life into it by establishing critical collaborations, establishing processes, and leveraging the skills acquired her time with Strategy and Innovation. The program continues to thrive and has become a model for districts throughout the state.   

Leticia will always be a teacher and her passion is evident as she has served as a Talent Acquisition leader Traveling throughout her home state and the country, visiting college campuses and engaging teachers at every stage of their career. Leticia has been able to reflect on the teaching profession from three very distinct lenses. Her practice has taught her that focusing on students does not mean we stop focusing on our teachers. 

As a speaker and writer, Leticia has presented at Battelle For Kids, spoken at American Association for Employment in Education multiple times, is a co-host on the, Teacher Pep Rally podcast, and was published in Worthwhile Magazine’s Premiere Issue. Like any great teacher Leticia shares her self-care insight and wellness knowledge with schools, teacher mentors, teacher interns, teachers new to the profession and school leaders.

How can I support you

I’ve dedicated this virtual community to supporting teachers with the strategies and the tools needed to prioritize self-care. Empowering them to meet burnout head on and reduce stress. So that, they can enhance career longevity, increase their energy in order to achieve personal goals, and enrich their quality of life.

My goal is to provide articles, videos, podcast episodes, and other practical content-all developed with you in mind! I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your wellness journey.

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