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I am so excited to announce that reignitED is now offering Masterclasses! These classes are designed with teachers in mind and are jam packed with information, resources, and plenty of humor. Invest in yourself TODAY!

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Leticia Jones, An award-winning educator with 20+ years serving in education. I’ve developed and led district-level initiatives from teacher compensation reform to student-teacher placement. I’ve traveled the country recruiting teachers and as a national speaker bringing attention to the impact attrition is having on our profession. The glue that brings this together is my training as a therapist. So, each MASTERCLASS will be laced with all of these experiences to give you the best learning experience.

Free Upcoming Classes

How to C.R.U.S.H. Teacher Burnout

February 2021

This masterclass is designed to empower learners with the C.R.U.S.H. framework, in order to take a proactive approach in addressing teacher burnout. Let the crushing begin!

Registrations are closed for this event

How to Boost Self Care

February 2021

This masterclass is designed to empower learners on how to boost their self-care with more intentionality by incorporating practices that maintain self-care. No more BOOST energy drinks!

How to Hack Your Life & Create Sacred Space

March 2021

This masterclass is all about empowering learners with the tools and practices needed to create a peaceful and sacred space at home. Teachers spend a lot of hours at school. Home needs to be a place of peace and restoration. Time for the great hack!

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