Our Solutions

Training Experiences

Interested in creating a culture of high performers that are highly engaged?

Speaking Experiences

Need some life spoken into your next conference, company retreat, or special event? We motivate and educate while inspiring self reflection and sharing of perspectives.

Coaching Experiences

Are you needing help with identifying your next steps personally and professionally? Are you thinking about rebranding your career or getting rid of roadblocks? Our coaching sessions allow for you to get a deeper look into your desires.

Client Centered Consulting

Not sure where to start? This one on one session will allow for us to assist. you with finding the areas of growth within your organization

Professional Development

Interested in creating a culture of high performers that are highly engaged? 

At reignitED, we are committed to providing our clients customized professional development that strengthens skills and builds depth of knowledge.  

When done well, creating a culture that fosters growth and provides relevant learning opportunities can positively impact staff performance, engagement, and overall staff wellbeing.

Strategic Planning solutions

Does efficiency, heightened productivity, and clarity among your teams sound good? 

At reignitED, we are unique in that we guide our clients with not only evaluating their current processes/systems but also learning how they impact staff performance and the overall health of the organization.

Don’t underestimate the power of having a great organizational system that’s unique to you.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Does hiring the right person and keeping them sound good?

At reignitED, we specialize in a person-centered approach. A robust recruitment plan that yields long-term results happens when the focus is on the potential employee and the employer is secondary. 

This is counterintuitive but effective. We guide our clients through five key pillars: attract, recruit, retain, develop, and release.

Speaking Opportunities

At reignitED, we welcome the opportunity to speak life at your next conference, company retreat, or special event. If granted the opportunity my focus will be to do the following: motivate, empower, educate, inspire action, self-reflection, share new perspectives, and sprinkle laughter.

This package will be wrapped with a nice neat passion bow. Book at your own risk!

Coaching Experiences

Our coaching experiences help our clients get clearer on goals and dreams, explore career rebranding, and helps clients identify the roadblocks to their GREATNESS. Ultimately experiencing a deeper level of living both personally and professionally. 

At reignitED, whether you are an individual making this investment in yourself or an organization making the investment for your employees we are ready to support the journey.

Client Centered Consulting

At reignitED we are committed to working collaboratively when consulting with our clients. Our initial goal is to foster a partnership built on trust, non-judgement, and driven by results.

Once this is established a deep dive and analysis of the issues takes place. We continue to guide our clients until they reach the expected end.

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