Leticia Santiago Jones


Hi, I’m Leticia

An educator, therapist & speaker committed to providing teachers with the strategies and tools needed to prioritize self care. Empowering them to meet burnout head on, reduce stress, and enrich their quality of life.

 The time is now let’s get started!

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My heart is filled with gratitude that you have decided to engage with me. The reignitED platform is focused on being a robust and thoughtful wellness and self-care resource for busy teachers.

Our Wellness community

This is a safe community for teachers to learn, share, and apply. More importantly, to exhale and know they are not alone.

blog post

For years I did not know where to begin or what steps to take in order to prioritize my wellness. My goal is to leverage the blog as a place to share the wisdom I’ve learned along the way, learn from others, and share new insights for the growth of our community.